Working at SOAB

Working at SOAB

Working at SOAB means to be part of a multidisciplinary team of assurance and advisory professionals. People from a diversity of disciplines ranging from financial audits, IT assurance, accounting, legislation, public administration and project management are bound by one distinguishing trait: authoritative knowledge of government.
  • Bringing added value, by helping governments to become better institutions with our efforts and expertise, is what we do best.

    That makes SOAB the authority on assurance, advisory and audit for government. Our trained experts are excellent problem solvers for government matters. They know their customers, are committed to the public interest and hold high standards for client relationships. This is how SOAB offers professional and unbiased quality of service. 

  • When you work for SOAB, you know government.

    As part of an organization with a strong reputation as a reliable government partner, your work is based on strong affinity for the interest of society. You understand government operations and have in-depth knowledge about the legislative context in which the government works. 

Who are we looking for?

Our clients seek an advisory partner with knowledge and experience related to government matters. This requires a specific approach. One that is based on detailed knowledge of legislation and regulations and is sensitive to political structures. Your deep understanding of government structures and operational context enables you to offer solutions beyond your assignment. The social relevance of government matters to you and you feel personally driven in contributing to the wellbeing of government and society.

You grasp the importance of listening to your customers and you understand their needs. Enabling you to provide advice where you see fit, crossing the framework of your assignment, whether you’re providing, assurance, advisory or audit related services.  For our offices in Curaçao and St. Maarten, we are interested in candidates who fit the profile described above.

We welcome engaged professionals with a financial and economic background or experience in the field of IT audit and assurance.



Do you have affinity with government? After an internship with us, you’ll know what it takes to work in the field of assurance, advisory and audit for government. Have we sparked your curiosity, and do you recognize yourself in the above? Send in your application here. 

  • What do we offer

    • Continuous employee development. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and offer extensive possibilities for education and training.
    • We encourage self-motivation for career advancement, meaning that we facilitate and reward initiative for development and training.
    • We offer the possibility to become a recognized advisor and partner for government clients, offering you full ownership of your client relationships. You will have contact with a vast variety of clients on all levels of government. The exposure to this diverse environment, gives you the opportunity to grow and gain experience on all levels of governmental organizations.
    • Professionalism, integrity and ownership are prioritized.
    • Working at SOAB enables you to contribute to the advancement of government, and thus to the benefit of society as a whole. 
  • Education & Training

    Expansive knowledge of government is what makes SOAB stand out. We are convinced that expertise determines future success. The unique talent and potential of our people make us the authority on assurance, advisory and audit for government. Creating an environment of continuous learning and development is of significant importance to SOAB. That’s why we offer an encompassing employee development program. SOAB builds on current expertise, acting as a vehicle for knowledge management for SOAB employees at all levels. We believe that our know-how has more value when shared. Our employee development is a center of excellence and expertise is shared through training, workshops and professional coaching. 

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