Financial audits

Tailor made expertise
SOAB is the internal auditor for both St. Maarten and Curaçao and the external auditor for the island of Bonaire. In Bonaire SOAB audits various divisions of the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean (RCN). SOAB has extensive experience in the field of financial audits.

Audit objects are the financial statements off the different ministries and government entities. The objectives of the financial audits are reliability (correctness and completeness), the compliance with legislation, and the presentation (correctness and completeness).

  • Financial audits:

    • Are carried out by performing risk analysis and benchmarking
    • Are based a top down approach
    • Identify significant financial transactions and critical processes
    • Evaluate the design, presence and effectiveness of internal controls and procedures
    • Verify financial transactions
    • Are executed in two phases: interim (during the year) and year-end audit
  • The SOAB approach

    We perform interim and year-end audits. Registered accountants with broad government and legislative knowledge are part of the teams that perform the financial audits. SOAB teams operate in close collaboration with team members from other expert areas. As a result we can identify issues on time and provide our clients with the needed services. We go further than sole financial audits, since we operate as a partner who is constantly looking for areas where improvements can be made.

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